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Our favourite bubbly wine is back for its 9th vintage and as always, made in partnership with Lighthall Vineyards in Prince Edward County. This is a small batch “Brut Blanc” Cuvée, made using the Charmat method bottled as VQA Ontario. This vintage shows a blend based on early pick Niagara Peninsula Vidal from Wismer, and 25% Prince Edward County Riesling from South Bay.

We had an instant crush on this new vintage: the beautiful bubbles are so nicely integrated and complement the wild floral aromas of the Vidal, all backed by the bracing acidity and orchard fruit of the South Bay, Prince Edward County Riesling. Dangerously delicious in the glass, this wine is built for both celebration and gastronomy.

The Ward 5 Brut Blanc’s very well balanced acidity makes it perfect to pair with oily and fatty foods, such as cheese boards, salmon, roasted chicken or even fish and chips!