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Moonshine Pecan - Jewels Under the Kilt
From the first bite of this pecan, you taste the sweet caramel and buttery pecan. As you slowly chew just a little more; BAM, a hit of a smokey chipotle pepper. Key Ingredients: Pecans, Chipotles, Maple Syrup 115gr box  
Lemon Pepper Dill Popcorn - Come Back Snacks
A favourite all-purpose seasoning on "the inside", Lemon Pepper Dill is a natural seasoning on popcorn with its zesty citrus and savoury dill with a slightly peppery finish.
Triple Cheese Popcorn - Come Back Snacks
Inspired by a trick for making cheese popcorn on “the inside” of sprinkling mac and cheese powder on popcorn, enjoy this healthier, more delicious version made with real cheddar, romano and parmesan cheeses.
Lemon Meringue Caramel - Come Back Snacks
Zesty lemon meringue has an unexpected accomplice – classic caramel. This sinfully good combo is sure to capture your craving for a tangy/sweet indulgence!
Double Coated Caramel - Come Back Snacks
The evidence is in, and its deliciousness is irrefutable! The arresting flavour of our rich, buttery, and crispy caramel puts this classic in solitary first place as simply THE BEST!
Salted Chocolate Caramel - Come Back Snacks
Salty and sweet come together like two partners in crime. This flavour finds  crispy buttery classic caramel corn behind bars of rich salted chocolate drizzle for a taste that will make you come back for more.
Ellery Gift Certificates
Gift local & feed your friends! Please include the recipient's name in the Order Notes section on checkout. Your gift certificate will be available for pick up at front of house.  Need a custom amount? No problem – just pop by the shop or drop us a line at info@theellerymarket.com.
The Definitive Guide to Canadian Distilleries
An up-to-the minute and definitive guide to over 200 distilleries across Canada and the array of spirits they make. Using a trademark (and witty) blend of narrative, tasting notes, inventive cocktail recipes and vibrant photos, de Kergommeaux shares the unique genesis of each of these distillers who are pushing the boundaries and flavours of spirits of all kinds.
The Social Herbivore: Perfect Pairings for Plant-Based Cuisine
Ready to elevate your plant-based soirées? It’s easy to look up meatless recipes online, but it’s not as easy to pair WINE with them! Priya Rao veganizes classic appetizers, mains and desserts, while master sommelier Jen Huether combines her passion for plant-based food with her expertise to bring you a high/low cost wine pairing for each recipe.
Take Back the Tray: Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals, Schools, and Other Institutions
A topic close to our hearts at the Ellery! Part manifesto, part memoir from the trenches, and a blueprint for reclaiming control from corporations and brutal bottom lines. Chef Joshna Maharaj knows that institutional kitchens have the ability to produce good, nourishing food, because she’s been making it happen over the past 14 years.